Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Online Dating SOS: Who's behind the BS?

Every so often I catch a Yahoo news article featuring online dating advice for the masses and I want to know...who's behind the BS?  No offense, the articles are well articulated and to someone who's new to online dating or just thinking about the possibility of it, I'm sure it sounds like...well sound advice. (No pun intended). But I'm beginning to think the writer hasn't been exposed to the www woes of a serious searcher and is merely spewing his/her "in a perfect world" opinion.

The titles are usually aimed at women, and tout their "how to" on behavior, dress, body language and the like.  Honestly, the only thing you need to know about online dating is that it's best.  So daunting, in fact, that I've recently published a book about it. "I Could Write a Book: So I thought I'd try online dating LOL," which incidentally, can be found on in both a printed and Kindle version. (Shameless plug).

This isn't to suggest that online dating never works, it does.  However, if you're going to take a drive through that particular form of dating...which is thee twenty-first century form of better be wearing more than just a seat-belt.  I drove that road for 3+ years and while I'm happy to say I'm engaged to be married this June, it was a bumpy ride at best.  Of course, if I told you how I met my "Mr. Right" it might ruin the last chapter of my book, but let's just say it's a hopeful ending.

Back to the point of this particular blog post.  Don't waste the five minutes it will take you to get through the Yahoo yellow brick road on dating advice, it doesn't apply trust me.  Be true to yourself, is the soundest advice you'll get, along with know who you are!  In other words, don't be so distressed about your single status that you're willing to attempt to shove your round personality into his square ideals...look outside the box!  Know who you are is not a vague statement and requires much introspection if you're ever going to figure it out, especially if you're coming from a long term union of sorts.  These are the precursors to all possibilities for online/offline or true blue love.

I will be using this blog primarily for questions and answers about the real twenty-first century relationship world and to post stories I receive via email.  Sometimes they are horror stories, but those only make us realize that we're human and we all have them.  Other times they will be "match" stories to give you hope through the mayhem online dating can often times become.

There will certainly be times when I occasionally veer off course; another plug of a new book, a book signing venue, a political gripe or society gaff that I feel the need to hold a written grudge against.  But ultimately, I'd like this to be a place where the conned can congregate and the hopefuls can hover for a real "how to" answer to the many questions people often have on this particular subject.

Please feel free to email me at or leave a comment.  Until we meet again...happy dating!!!


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