Sunday, February 5, 2012

Delete Delete Delete stated in my last blog, we (and by we I mean me and my fiance) decided that it was a good idea for me to make a profile on a dating website and try to market from it.  Can you say EPIC FAIL!  Besides the fact that it was completely uncomfortable and felt...well wrong!  It's just not working out in real life, the way it did in my head.

For starters, even though I wrote what I was there for across my profile page, the men are not READING the profile before they send me an email and it's becoming problematic, annoying and an instant reminder of why I held reservations about marketing in this manner.  To add insult to injury, I did type out another medium winded email to a woman who had yet another "online dating's been a bitch" banner, "Serious searchers only please" and again told her why I was there.  Well it's been twenty four hours and she never responded...dissed by my own gender OUCH!  I'd of even taken a "F*ck off" just for the response lol.

In any event, I decided I couldn't use this avenue.  It's too time consuming, too weird having men email me and too reminiscent of things I don't care to remember lol.  So I logged in yesterday and searched for the "delete my account" button, which they don't make easy to find, nor to finish.  You have to answer several questions when you DO finally find the delete button before your account can actually be deleted.  Unfortunately, there is one thing they've changed since my dating days, you can't delete your account for a full twenty-four hours...heavy sigh.

In the interim, my inbox was inundated with email after email of men who could care less to read what I wrote, but finally, a diamond in the dating dust.  I received an email from the hostess...yes you read that right HOSTESS ie. woman, about a party next Saturday night at a local bar for this particular website.  Ahhh jackpot!!  Book signing opportunity maybe?  You can be certain I'll be calling the manager of said bar today :) 

Of course I did try to email the HOSTESS, to see if I could set-up a few book signings for their next events, but...

"This member does not accept emails from your age group or gender"

And yet she could email me...scoff...double standard!


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