Monday, February 6, 2012

Another day...another opportunity

It seems my mind is reeling on a day to day basis about avenues for marketing.  My dating profile has been officially deleted...thank God!  It did provide me with that opportunity for a possible book signing event, we'll see if the bar owner replies.

I received a call from another local paper today, this one a bit bigger than the last, although they are affiliated.  I was sure not to say ANYTHING about women so that it couldn't be construed as bi-sexual tendencies j/k. The journalist was extremely thorough, which means my neurosis will be displayed in all it's glory.  Now I can ponder in my obsessive way if I've said too much, not enough or something insanely stupid and worry till it prints on Sunday.  Yes, I really do think that way lol.

I also had coffee with a dear friend from my past today, who has traveled the non-profit PR road and is quite good at it!  Maybe a cup of Joe and a conversation with an old friend will entice her to be my Publicist, we shall see!  She's got a contagious personality and no shame when it comes to plugging her promotions, she's just the ticket.  On top of that, a heart of gold that anyone would be grateful to have in their lives.

Funny, you dream about writing your book and you write and rewrite until the whites of your eyes are red and you can recite it word for word without ever cracking open your thumb drive; all with the intent of publishing one day and hoping to see it a success.  I think if any of us thought about the marketing aspect of it too much, we'd write it and it would stay on our thumb drive for personal accomplishment purposes only.  It's not that I mind the marketing aspect, I kind of like the challenge.  I'm just wondering who I can talk in to finishing my Humanities homework for me so that I can finish my marketing for the day lol.

Next stop, a lecture on lines, shapes and colors followed by six quizzes to be finished by 6am tomorrow morning; followed by the more mundane vacuum and dusting of only the necessary nooks and crannies for the newspapers picture tomorrow and a bite for dinner before bed.  The life of a mother, writer, college student is never done!


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