Sunday, February 12, 2012

Extra Extra Read All About It!

So the article in The Macomb Daily came out today and Maryanne did me proud!  It's so surreal to see a picture of yourself in the paper, even if it's a local paper.  It's also a bit embarrassing to read about about some of my online escapades in the newspaper.  What makes the newspaper any different than the book?  There's much more embarrassing stories in the what gives?  Maybe it's just something you have to get used to...someone printing an article about you that is.

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I had my first book signing last night, which all in all was a great success.  It would have been better had I actually had more than 5 copies on hand, but I'll be back there in two weeks with said copies.  Everyone was very receptive and the owner of Club 54 was gracious and even bought a book!  The hostess of the online dating bash was equally warm...I can see why she's the hostess.

All of that being said, last night was a stark reminder of why I am relieved that I'm getting married and off the dating scene.  It also solidified for me just how lucky and blessed I am to have met the man I did.  Funny how much more obvious the game players are when you aren't playing the game.  There was a perfectly nice gentleman seriously searching who was captivated by an attractive 50 something female sitting in the corner with her female wing-woman.  He didn't have enough confidence to approach her, so I did.  "Oh honey, I only date 30 year olds" she told me.  Now I have to be honest, getting up close I couldn't help but think to myself, "really?"  I for one, don't know any thirty somethings that WOULD date her, but whatever.  I bluntly asked her, "So you're just playing the field and not looking for anything serious?"  "That's right" she spatted with pride.  Made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

This was a "dating" party.  It was meant for people to find someone.  They have websites for sex, which is where these wayward souls belong until they get their shit together.  Leave the serious searchers alone already!

Then there was Patti.  Lovely seventy year old woman who was happily married to her soul-mate for thirty-two years, but sadly she lost him a few years back.  She was a Christian woman, Catholic to be more specific, and had even tried Christian online dating sites.  I must admit I wasn't too terribly surprised by her disgusted description of that site.  "It was even worse than the rest of the sites I had tried."  Why is finding someone so difficult?  It's hard to believe that a seventy something would run in to non-serious-searchers at her age, but as I said in my book...age and gender bare no discrepancies in the online dating arena.

Patti left me with a beautiful scapula that had been blessed, and I felt blessed for the gift and for having an opportunity to meet Patti.  Senior Match Making Service in the near future...possibly!

To any and all seriously every storm there is a sunrise, you just have to stand in the rain long enough to see the clouds part...and they will...eventually.


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