Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Everybody needs a little love

Just a quick catch you up on what's going on with my book.  Sales are slow but steady, pretty much what I expected from a no name...me :)  I do believe, whether slow or fast, it will eventually reach my target audience and do well.

I've been very encouraged by the emails I have received about the book from daters who feel dissed.  It is bringing hope and a renewed sense of self, which to me is worth more than a race to see how many royalties I can collect.  I've always loved helping people, from massage therapy to writing a quote that is well received or needed at that moment by someone.

This is why, when I received a recent email requesting I think about reaching out in a more tangible way ie. a question/answer column I gave it some serious thought.  I have decided that I will utilize this blog on Friday's for online dating debacles.  You can contact me at msoptimistic2@yahoo.com and I will anonymously post your question and my answer.  There are a lot of things I have yet to learn in life, but I feel very confident in this category to answer questions from that chaotic world.

I will also take your stories, if you care to leave one.  It could be uplifting, about how you met your mate online or your latest horror mishap.  I believe even those have the ability to transform the way people view their online circumstances.

On a side note.  Happy Valentines Day.  Whatever you do, don't let ONE day send you into a depression over your single status.  Instead, remember those in your life that give you love on a daily basis, even if it's your dog.  A day does not a relationship make, it's all of the days that come before and after this Hallmark Holiday that really matter.  So go buy yourself a piece of chocolate...because you can, then wish someone in your life: a child, father, mother, sister, brother or friend a Happy Valentines Day.  It will make you feel good.  Get on with your day because guess what...that's all it is...just another day.  


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